Krumlov Guide: What to Do in Cesky Krumlov

Clear your head. Feed your soul.

Slow down. You are on holiday. Cesky Krumlov is a good place to slow down.

Cesky Krumlov is a small town but it offers many opportunities what to do here and nearby...

  1. The (Vltava River is quiet (except for floods in 2002) and safe for canoeing or, even better, rafting. You can hire a raft. Agencies like Malecek or Vltava will take you up the stream in their minivan and you can go down the river to Cesky Krumlov. You can also start in Cesky Krumlov and go downstream to Zlata Koruna (3-4 hours of rafting). The agency will take you and the raft back to the town. It is fun.
  2. If you do not want to spend your precious time on the river, do it in a time-saving way. Malecek Agency rents rafts and canoes for one or two circles around the historical centre of Cesky Krumlov. You will even go through two weirs (if you are not so good at canoeing, take a raft). It is fun for you and also for people watching you from a bridge. Be a star!
  3. Take your child(ren) to Slupenec Horse Riding School just 2 km from Cesky Krumlov.
  4. Hire mountain bikes at Vltava and explore the countryside. Woods, hills, rivers…. There are many cycling tracks.
  5. Are you a hiker? Great. This country has one of the thickest nets of hiking tracks in the world. You can go to the hill of Klet (6 km from the centre of Cesky Krumlov, 1,082 m above the sea level), to the ruin of the castle Divci kamen (Maiden’s Stone), to Zlata Koruna Monastery etc.
  6. Do you play golf? Do you want to learn how to play golf? There id golf course in Hluboka (30 km from Cesky Krumlov via Ceske Budejovice, 18 holes). There is a beautiful Castle of Hluboka.
  7. Rozmberk - Here I Am :) Do you like castles, old churches, monasteries? There are two castles near Cesky Krumlov – Rozmberk (30 km) and Hluboka (30 km, opposite side, sorry). Are you a sinner or masochist? Why not to enjoy being tortured at the Rozmberk castle? I have survived. (Click for photo, when you see it larger!)
  8. Are you keen on history and sophisticated arts? Egon Schiele Art Centrum in Cesky Krumlov offers exhibitions. Hluboka castle ( http://www.zamekhluboka.cz) might be a good choice. There is a nice Gothic church at Kajov (5 km). There are old monasteries at Zlata Koruna (4 km) and Vyssi Brod (30 km). Near Vyssi Brod there is Certova stena (Devil’s Wall). It is worth visiting. Check out what one angry devil was able to do in one night.
  9. For a half-a-day trip in a car you can also go around the Klet Mountain (6 km from the centre of Cesky Krumlov, 1,082 m above the sea level). There is unspoiled, rural, pictoresque countryside near Sedm chalup (Seven Cottages) and a great, quiet beech forest Jaroninska bucina (Jaronin Beech Forest Reserve), well hidden secret, even local people do not know about it… By the way, in this country you can go freely through most of the forests, fields, meadows – just go along paths and roads. Enjoy this freedom. I am so happy to live in a free country…
  10. Music (mostly classical music). There are many concerts and festivals during high season. Ask for help in the Infocentrum.
  11. There is Krizova hora (Cross Hill) with a Baroque chapel near the town centre. There is a nice view Cesky Krumlov from the hill. Do not forget your camera (and binoculars if you have them).
  12. In winter you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding at Kramolin at the Lipno Lake (why not to offer your children a ski and snowboard school?) 30 km south of Cesky Krumlov. You can hire complete equipment there for very reasonable prices, enjoy winter sports and come back to Cesky Krumlov to spend nice evening in some of local taverns with open fireplaces.
  13. Are you young and do you like dancing at discos? There is a Disco Hrozen in the main square every friday and saturday. Some people might find some programmes a bit shocking.
  14. What about an exciting night at casino? Casino Ruze in the old centre offers American Roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Poker, Electronic roulette and Slot Machines. Open daily. www.casinopresident.cz. Good luck!
  15. Are you on honeymoon? Cesky Krumlov and namely Castle View Apartments (Attic Castle View or Attic Apartment) might be a good choice for you.
  16. Are you a theatregoer? You will never forget a performance at this Open-air Theater with Revolving Auditorium. Reserve your seats (see contacts on the above website).

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How can I get to Cesky Krumlov?

By plane to Prague, Linz or Vienna. From Prague by bus to Cesky Krumlov or by train to Ceske Budějovice and then by bus to Cesky Krumlov. From Vienna by train via Linz to Ceske Budějovice and then by bus to Cesky Krumlov. From Linz by train via Linz to Ceske Budějovice and then by bus to Cesky Krumlov.

For schedules visit www.idos.cz.

For lots of info on travelling visit www.castleview.cz at FAQ.

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How many days should I spend in Cesky Krumlov?

Well, at least one day AND one night. I am sure you will like Cesky Krumlov. (Well, this is a true story: An Irishman was in Venice. He was thinking about going to Prague. At the hostel some tourists told him: You should go to Cesky Krumlov as well. He went. He liked Cesky Krumlov. He told his Irish parents to visit Cesky Krumlov. They came. They liked Cesky Krumlov. They bought one house here. They bought another house here. To be continued… Enlightenment from the story? Beware going to Cesky Krumlov! It might change your life!) Still ready to come?! Well, you have been warned! Do not blame me!

Many tourists regret leaving Cesky Krumlov too soon. Do not make this mistake.

On the other hand, the town centre is quite small. If you do not want to explore the countryside (castles, river…) and if you cannot slow down properly, two days will be okay I guess.

If strong mediaeval atmosphere of the town is charming enought and you like activities I mention on my website, stay for more days. Castle View Apartments might be your good home for your trip. I doubt you will regret. If so, send me an angry e-mail and I will put it on my website.

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Is the town safe?

YES. Czechia (the Czech Republic, maybe Czech, but definitely NOT Chechnya, not Yugoslavia) is a member state of the European Union and NATO. It is a liberal and friendly country in the very heart of Europe. It is one of the safest countries in the world (really, currently it is considered 17th safest country, just two places behind Germany - and you are not afraid of going to Germany, are you?).

Cesky Krumlov is safe. Nevertheless there are pickpockets as they are in many tourist sites. They want your camera, your money. Do not give them any chance. On the other hand, they are not agressive. No fights, no knives. Just skillful hands trained since childhood.

Also, be careful with hostels. There might be thefts ( I have met some nice tourists when I was hired as an interpreter for the police but I do prefer meeting you as a guide or a manager of Castle View Apartments). If you prefer hostels, ask for a locker. If they do not have lockers after some of those thefts there, find another kind of accommodation. (I like and use hostels myself when I am abroad. I just do not like hostels where there are thefts).

Do not be afraid of accommodation in this country. “The Hostel“ films exaggerate a bit. (Moreover, it is situated into Slovakia, another country. But, I am sure, Slovaks do not kill poor American tourists at their hostels either).

Coming by car? Well, thieves break into at least one car every night during high season. Stay with us at Castle View Apartments and let US pay for a guarded parking for you.)

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When should I come to Cesky Krumlov?

Well, come whenever you want and are able to. We are here at your service. High season starts in May or April. It finishes in October. If you want to invoid the crowds, come in May or in September. My favourite season is Indian Summer (the end of September if you are lucky). If you do not mind crowds (we have 25,000 visitors a day in a small town centre) and smell of barbecue during Celebration of the Rose in mid-June, come for the festival. It is great. Do not forget to reserve your accommodation several months before!

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Are there any events in Cesky Krumlov during my possible stay?

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Do you do German tours in Cesky Krumlov?

No, I don’t speak German. I speak English, Czech, Russian, survival Japanese.

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What is en exchange rate in the Czech Republic?

Go to www.xe.com/ucc, please.

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Have you slowed down? Gooood. Have your enjoyed your trip? Great.

Tell about us to your friends and internet tribe. Put a good word or two for us on your favourite website:

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Krumlov Guide For Ladies: Why not to make some Czech delicacy?

Honey Cake

(My dear ladies, your husband and/or children will adore you and will be addicted to you ever since! I am the case. It is work-intensive, I admit. But do you know any easier way how to be adored so much? Do not tell anyone. This may be your best secret weapon. Lovers and boyfriends have not deserved it yet, skip them.)

Mix soda and vinegar. Put butter, honey, sugar into the pot and mix it. Add some vinegar with soda and mix again. Heat the mixture and during mixing and mixing add two eggs and mix and mix and mix (sorry) until there is the “foam” on the top and the mixture changes color into brown color – than immediately take the pot out of the heat. Let it cool a bit and add 700g flour. Cover the batter and let it be for one hour in some warm place. Relax for an hour. After one hour make 7-8 big balls. Roll every ball until it is thin and put the cakes into the oven. Bake the cakes.

Boil the can with the sweetened condensed milk for three (yes, sorry, three) hours in the water. Let it cool then (you will get thick brown something). Mix it with butter and mix and mix until you have some homogenous stuff. Then you may add walnuts and cognac.

Put cakes into the cake pan and stir cream between the cakes. You may grate one cake on the very top.

If you can keep the secret for 5-7 days (yes, sorry, days), put the cake into some cold place and leave it for one week. Relax for 5-7 days.

After one week you will be the Queen – for ever! If you are satisfied and adored, Your Majesty, don’t let me, your poor servant Jiri, down. Here I am.


Czech Nut Cookies Into the Shapes

Make batter, fill the shapes from one third with the batter, bake in the oven, cookies will enlarge. Get them warm out of the shapes. Enjoy!


Czech Rum Balls Covered with Milled Coconuts – non-baked cookies

Melt everything on mildly heated stove, mix properly, let it cool in the fridge. Then make balls with a spoon and your palms and cover them with milled coconuts or with milled nuts. Enjoy!


Czech Redcurrent Cake (My favourite!)

Make batter, pour on the frier (frying pan) which was spread with fat and flour.Bake in the oven till it is pink and them cover with „snow" made of four whites of the eggs into which 200 g of granulated sugar is whipped and a half a litre of redcurrant added. Cover the pink batter with the mixture and bake till the cake is finished. Snow makes a pink crust on the cake. Enjoy!

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Krumlov Guide: Photographer’s Guide to Cesky Krumlov

Dear friends,
I am a guide for Cesky Krumlov and I like taking pictures of our beautiful town (you can see my pictures). I want you to have great memories of our town and good photographs may remind you of our town very well. That is why I decided to show you where you can take the best photos of Cesky Krumlov.

Let’s set up for the tour in Svornosti Square in the very heart of the town and go up Horni Street towards the crossroads in Objizdkova Street. Before the crossroads turn left to a small but beautiful view point showing the castle tower, St. Jost Church and dark wooden cottages in Parkan Lane. With wide-angle objective which is, of course, very useful, you can even insert St. Vitus’ Church. Some photographers will also try a similar view from a place above, behind the crossroads (behind the house to the left towards the bus station).

Well, you have some good photos and it is still the beginning! So let’s go back and before the bridge turn left to Rooseveltova Street. Go to the end of the street, pass the crossroads, take second turning to the right and start climbing the Cross Hill (Krizova hora) up to the top. There is a Baroque chapel and from the chapel there are gorgeous view sof the town with the hills, meadows and forests behind. Enjoy. Life is beautiful.

It is much easier to walk down. Take the same way back to the first view point. Check if light has even improved and possibly take some more pictures. Then go along Objizdkova Street on the sidewalk and between two big rocks. Your aim is the top of the left rock now. Go along the sidewalk to the end of the rock and turn left and climb the rock (straight up) to the top. You can see panoramic view of the town: the sea of red roofs between St. Vitus’ Church and the castle. Great place, isn’t it? Enjoy.

Well, let us go downtown again. Go from the rock towards the big bridge and turn left to another big bridge and turn left on the bridge to Budejovice Gate. Then go along Latran Street down to Pizzeria Latran. Turn left and then right into a small street going to the river. In summer you can enjoy easy living on the river with the wooden gables of Parkan cottages and Gothic beauty of St. Vitus’ Church at the back. Go back to Pizzeria Latran and turn left to Lazebnicky Bridge and go straight to the square. Enjoy your meal, you deserve it.

In the afternoon we will just take a small walk. Let’s go to Rooseveltova Street again but when entering this street turn right (at Malecek Tourist Service) and go down the steps to the place under the bridge. Turn left there and go along a picturesque Parkan Street, famous from several Czech films. You can also enter one of two restaurants with great views from the terraces, Laibon and U dwau Maryi. Then go on wooden Lazebnicky Bridge and behind the bridge turn left and up the castle steps. Take some pictures of the bears in the bear moat and enter the second courtyard. If the castle tower is open, it is a must to climb the tower. Your fever will go to extremes from the beauty below.

From the tower go to the next courtyards and then over the Plastovy Bridge towards the park. Take some pictures from the small windows behind the bridge (and do not forget to frame them) and behind the gate go to the left to the view point. Then go back and under a castle corridor go up to the castle gardens.

The best place in the castle garden is the Baroque Fountain but walking up to the lake at the back of the gardens is also worth (not only for tree lovers).

Leave the garden at the level of the fountain (towards the old town) and go straight on down the road until you come to the Plesivecke Steps. Turn left there and enjoy less famous view of the town. Then go down the steps and take pictures of the church from the bridge. Then go along Rybarska Street and you will see a nice view of Plastovy Bridge and the castle and during summer also many people enjoying water sports. Then cross the bridge to the old town and have some beer (See my Cesky Krumlov Beer Trail).

I wish you good light for taking pictures and great experiences from our town.

Love, Jiri Vaclavicek, Krumlov Guide.

PS: For beauty lovers I would like to offer staying at Castle View Apartments (see www.castleview.cz). You will have unforgettable view of the castle there.

Also, if you would like me to hire me to join you for the tour, it would be pleasure to be your Krumlov Guide (jiri.vaclavicek@seznam.cz).

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Krumlov Guide: Cesky Krumlov Beer Trail


Dear beer pilgrims, the Czech Republic (Czechia) is one of few typical beer countries in the world and the biggest beer (PIVO, peevo) drinker per capita in the world (160 litres). Beer has created typical beer culture here. We have about 500 different beers. Many of them are worth the sin. Czech beer drinkers are divided into two quite hostile groups: lovers of sweeter beer like Budvar (minority) and lovers of bitter beer like Pilsner Urquell (most of the population). No wonder that smarter breweries brew bittersweet beers… Czech beers have about 4-5 % of alcohol but can be trecherous when drunk in bigger volumes. Beers can be divided according to volume of extract into 12 degrees (preferable) and 10 degrees (not bad). Occasionally you can get 11 or 13 degrees. Light beers dominate the market but dark beers are also good, although for many people too sweet. Light and dark beer can be mixed, or as we say in the Czech language, „cut“, into „rezane pivo“. Czechs drink Gambrinus most because it gives great value. Gentlemen always drink beer from 0.5 litre glasses; to drink from 0.3 litre glasses is considered under man’s dignity. Ladies may drink beer from small (which I strongly reccommend) or big glasses (but there is a risk to cease to be the lady soon) according their wishes.

It is good to have some meat meal or a few potato pancakes before or during your beer trail. Good timing to set up for the trail is early evening (some pubs as U Baby or Beer Cellars open at about 5pm) and also you will not have to carry your "monkey" all day long. For those who did not train for the trail at home enough I would recommend to divide the trail into several laps or to pretend that they are "just" stupid tourists and drink beer from small glasses (Czechs are very liberal people). Four glasses of beer may be enough for most people. (Do not try to compete with well trained Czech champions, they can do ten glasses of beer per evening easily and some go up to twenty 0.5 litre glasses a day if they are thirsty enough… No shit.)

I am quite picky as for pubs and my beer trail will take you into the pubs I really like and visit myself (there are many in the town I would never visit and your time is even more precious). Good beer and good atmosphere is necessary to enjoy one of best Czech treasures – Czech pubs and taverns.

You can start your beer trail at U Baby ("The Old Hag", no shit) in Rooseveltova Street (left from the dragon door – you will understand what I mean). It is an old Renaissance wooden cottage with a fireplace, good Pilsner beer and live music on Fridays. I am afraid that weaker characters will end their tour there, having found their favourite tavern. No wonder.

More diligent beer drinkers may still feel necessary to answer the challenge (Czechs are hopeless in answering challenges) and return downtown to Na Louzi Square to visit the pub Na Louzi. They have local beer Eggenberg on tap, probably the best Eggenberg in town (still too sweet for me). From the pub you can go along Kajovska street over the bridge to Rybarska Street. On the right older hippies will find quite wild rock pub Babylon where you can go on with Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus or Eggenberg beer. Those not so young or bold will prefer the pub U Matesa in the same street, Rybarska Street, and have one of most popular Czech beers, Kozel (the Goat). It is a pity you cannot see a famous TV advertisement for Kozel with a waiter with a goat head and barflies telling: "The waiter is a bit weird today, isn't he?" (You bet he was.)

It is good to have some rest after all those pubs so take a walk along the river in Rybarska Street. Smarter ones can follow the railing, supported by it and with its help they will reach the bridge and will go back to the town center. If Fisch Restaurant just near the bridge is open and you got suddenly very thirsty, you may have one glass of Bernard beer from a family microbrewery which is among the very best in the country.

And here we are near the square again. For some people it is a good excuse for going to bed. Some are still strong enough to go on. Younger people may prefer the pub in the Travellers Hostel in Soukenicka Street or U sneka in Panska Street, often with live concerts. Those lucky ones who combine paracousia and love for techno may have great musical experience at U sneka. Older ones may prefer Pilsner Urquell at Beer Cellars in the Old Inn in the square (although atmosphere may be a bit dull there).

Well, let us call it a day. For those who are “a bit” tired, their apartment at Castle View Apartments is waiting. For those who would still like to go on, well, I have two more options. In Parkan Street near the wooden bridge there is a tavern U Dwau Maryí. They have excellent beer there, Bohemia Regent, from one of the oldest breweries in this country (founded in 1379!). I tell you, they know how to make beer. Both light and dark are very good.

Then it is really high time to come back. Those who are still thirsty (or they think so) may end up at a tavern Krcma v Satlavske ulici which is just opposite the entrance door of Castle View Apartmens. They have good Budvar (Budweiser) beer there and on the following day they will serve garlic soup as first aid. It is the only place on the beer trail where I strongly recommend reservation at least several days before your evening – call +420 380 713 344 or send me an e-mail: jiri.vaclavicek@seznam.cz and I will do it for you. Ask for some place in the fireplace room.

Enjoy your beer trail and be sure to survive! Do not blame ME if you did not train properly. Our beer drinkers have trained for years! Every day including weekends, public holidays and even their own birthdays. Tough job… Cheers! Jiri Vaclavicek, Krumlov Guide.

(P.S.: Free toilets in Horni Street near ATM will probably be closed during your beer trail time so think twice before you leave the current pub. Be careful namely between U Baby and Na Louzi and between U Matesa and the square. On the other hand there are plenty of other pubs around not mentioned in this article. Also, kinds of beer in certain pubs subject to change with owners, clients and bribery fluctuations.)

Best of Cesky Krumlov Beer Trail:

Must See: The Very Best of Cesky Krumlov Beer Trail:

The Young Like It Wild: Wild Cesky Krumlov Beer Trail

Disclaimer: Jiri Vaclavicek accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of all or any part of this material. Jiri Vaclavicek recommends that you consult with a trained, active, licensed and qualified beer advisor (or three) before making decisions to drink famous but treacherous Czech beer. You are allowed to drink beer only if you are over 18, sober and your IQ is above average (95 in this country) so that your IQ would not fall too low which might be dangerous for your health.

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Great Czech Music for Free! Bach's Brandenburg Concertos by Musica Florea!

You probably know that many Czechs are famous musicians, conductors and composers. Czechs are generous people as well. That is why you can download and listen to Bach’s (well, he was not Czech) Brandenburg Concertos 1-6 by a Czech ensemble Musica Florea legally and for free. You can stream it or download (mp3, flac).

Just go to www.rozhlas.cz/d-dur/download_eng and enjoy.

I am a big fan of Johann Sebastian Bach and like many of his works. This great radio recording is my very favorite recording of Brandenburg Concertos. It is very vivid and a good example of Czech musicianship. I LOVE it! You will, too. Do not hesitate and get it! Just now. Jiri.

J. S. Bach

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Dear honeymooners, lovers and other poor victims of a mighty virus called L.O.V.E.

Congratulations! It is great to be young, beautiful or handsome, smart, rich, healthy, in love and to stay in Cesky Krumlov! Unfortunately I miss several of the mentioned positives but at least I have been in love with my wife for many years and I live in Cesky Krumlov so I am qualified enough to write this guide for you, luckier ones!

The Czech Republic is a free, liberal country so enjoy it on your honeymoon! You can walk hand in hand, you can hug each other in the street, you can even kiss each other whenever you like. Czechs are friendly and tolerant people.

Everyone knows that Cesky Krumlov is a very romantic town and that is why many Czech, American, Chinese or other couples choose this town for weddings and/or honeymoons. Good idea, well done! Cesky Krumlov is a small town with great romantic atmosphere. One of the most romantic places where to stay in town for honeymoons is definitely Castle View Apartments in Satlavska Street (www.castleview.cz), namely both attic apartments or eg. Patio Apartment. Many people think that Attic Castle View is the best room in the town so why not to stay here for reasonable price?

So let us start our tour in Satlavska Street, just near the main square. Just opposite Castle View Apartments there is a famous tavern in a mediaeval style with a fireplace. Reserve two places in the fireplace room for the evening and go up Horni Street to a small square Na Kovarne. There is a café Antre where is live music sometimes where you can dance. So ask them if something is going to happen tonight.

Then go along Rooseveltova Street towards the hill Krizova hora on the horizon (just a twenty-minute walk). You will pass a nice tavern U baby (The Old Hag) which is a great place with a fireplace. But for the time being it is time to see the town from Krizova hora. You have to cross Objizdkova Street and walk up the hill as far as to the Baroque chapel on the top of the hill. There is such a great view of the town that you can spend hours just sitting on a bench, watching the town, dreaming, hugging, kissing and taking photos. Then go the same way back and get to Na kovarne Square again.

If weather is good, you can think of spending a nice hour or two in the evening on the rock promontory near Objizdkova Street. It is safe to see the rock in the daylight first. So go from Na kovarne Square to the crossroads with traffic lights and turn left around Bowling. On the left side you will see another viewpoint, one of the best in the town. Wow!

Go on along Objizdkova Street as far as to the rock promontory. On its end there is a steep path towards the top. Go straight up and you will get to the top. There is a great, romantic view, best during the sundown or in the evening. You can return here with a bottle of wine and some refreshment later.

Go on over a big bridge and turn left and go up the steps to Latran Street. There you have two choices.

  1. If you decide to have one more view of the town, which is great during the sundown again, you can turn right and near the cinema KINO go up the small path. You will see a wooden “umbrella” Paraplicko there with a nice view, but even a better view is at Vysehrad. At the bend of the road at Paraplicko you will take the first street to the right and then to the right where there is a former, dilapidating hotel Vysehrad. There is a nice view of the town and the Castle from the meadow. Kissing time. Then go back to the Budejovice Gate.
  2. If you do not want to go to Vysehrad, go through Budejovice Gate from the year 1600 and along Latran Street to the Red Gate of the Castle. On the left side there is a great, romantic tearoom Dobra cajovna, so check it; you should come back later in the evening to spend one pleasant hour or two there. You can check the Monastery garden which is quite romantic, too. There is a nice Italian restaurant Nona Gina as well. Good pizza, good wine. A few meters down in Latran Street there is the best florist's shop in town. (Dear Sir, if your “software” is not up to date, then here it is straight for you: Buy your darling a bunch of flowers there!) Nearby there are two sweetshops U sedmi darku and Bon Bon, both with home made cookies.


The Castle exteriors are open for public for free 24/7/365, and are very romantic at night. By the way, our country as well as the town are very safe, so do not be afraid of going out at night. If the Castle tower is open, go there and enjoy the view from the arcaded gallery built in the 16th century. Then go up the hill through the Castle over the stone bridge Na plasti from the 18th century. Promise each other not to split. A few years ago one local, brokenhearted girl jumped from the bridge. Well, some people do not bear their broken hearts easily. What a waste, just 17 years…

Then go to the Castle park. When you pass the iron gate of the castle, go up the hill to the right, under the corridor above you. Go to the French garden of the park, enjoy the Baroque fountain (you may like a tavern Marketa on the right if it is open; a big fireplace), go to the English park with trees, past the revolving auditorium and a summer palace Bellaria as far as to a small old alcove (or open summer house) on the right side. Enjoy the kissing!

Then you can go to the end of the park, around the lake with white water lilies and then back to the town. You can go through the Castle, down the castle steps and turn left and walk for about 50 meters and find the way to the right side to the river. The place is called Na Fortne or Naplavka and you will have a beautiful view of old wooden gables and facades behind the river. Then go back along Latran Street and over Lazebnicky Bridge to the Old Town. Behind the bridge turn left to Parkan Street. There are two good restaurants and a rural tearoom Tajemna cajovna. Take the picturesque Parkan Street and go under a stone bridge up the steps near the river to Na Kovarne square which you already know. Go down Horni Street to the square and to your hotel. Do not forget to buy a bottle of good Moravian (part of our country) wine for the evening, eg. in Pohadkovy dum in Radnicni Street.

Of course many places near the river and all the Old Town and Latran are romantic in the evening and at night. You will find many nice places on your own, too.

Well, here we are! Wasn’t it beautiful and romantic? You deserve it, don’t you? Enjoy your honeymoon or anniversary and be happy together! See you at Castle View Apartments or on my personal tour.

Do not forget to bring some good music with you. What about Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague, Nouvelle Vague – Band A Part or Pulp – Different Class? Or maybe Clannad or Enya? Loreena McKennitt? Essential Kitaro? Leonard Cohen? Morcheeba?

Do not forget to check my Picassa Photo Albums of the town with hundreds of photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/jiri.vaclavicek/.

Love, Jiri. !

PS: It may look like that, but I am not a barnstormer (a ham actor) at all!!!

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