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Cesky Krumlov The Pearl Of South Bohemia
Cesky Krumlov, the Pearl of (the South) Bohemia, is my favourite town. I am so glad I live here! Isn’t it beautiful! Its crooked streets, the mighty castle, our national river, leaning houses, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, good beer, mediaeval taverns with open fireplaces, concerts, beautiful Czech girls and women, Castle View Apartments… Great and friendly atmosphere. Full of magic and old glory. Welcome and enjoy my photos! Jiri Vaclavicek, Krumlov Guide & Photographer.

At Night the Town Reveals Even More of Its Magic: It Must Be Seen Overnight!

The Celebrations of the Rose
The Celebrations of the Rose is an annual festival. It takes place every June. You may see several hundred people dressed in Renaissance costumes there. You may enjoy many performances, concerts, knight tournaments, medieval games, the fireworks… If you do not mind crowds of people and smell of roasted frankfurters everywhere, you may visit us for the festival.

The Castle in Cesky Krumlov
The castle was founded in the 13th century. The tower was rebuilt in the Renaissance style in the 16th century. It is SO beautiful! And you may climb it… The castle has 5 courtyards. It is very large. There is a nice castle park as well. There are the Masquarade Hall, the golden coach of the Eggenbergs and the Baroque theatre in the castle. Enjoy! Jiri.

Cesky Krumlov is Your Time Machine to the Middle Ages
There is so much to see in the town. I can give you a tour of the town and show you many pictoresque places and views. Cesky Krumlov is an open medieval gallery where the past has survived. Enjoy. Jiri.

St. Vitus Church in Cesky Krumlov
St Vitus Church was built in the Gothic style in the 15th century.

Cesky Krumlov in Winter
In winter there are not many people in the town of Cesky Krumlov. You will be a VIP if you come here in winter. Do not forget warm clothes!

Cesky Krumlov: Fun, Fun, Fun!

Cesky Krumlov in Old Pictures and Photos
My clients often ask me: „How did Cesky Krumlov look like long, long time ago? How did it look like under communism? Has it changed much?“ I found some pictures and photos answering these questions. Enjoy! Jiri.

The Minorite Monastery in Cesky Krumlov
The Minorite and Clarists Monastery was founded in the mid-14th century. It was enlarged in the 15th century and extensively rebuilt in the Baroque style after the devastating fires in the 17th century. The monastery was abolished by communists in 1950. Then it was getting devastated and only nowadays it is slowly being renovated. The monastery gardens are not accessible to the public. The shabby monastery has preserved its unique nostalgic atmosphere which I would like to show in my photographs.

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